Proven Winners Says So Long to Spring Trials

Chris Beytes

Proven Winners has decided to drop out of the California Spring Trials. Why? Several reasons, according to company spokeswoman Jeanine Standard, including declining attendance and the cost of growing, hosting and staffing such a major event.

But most importantly, Proven Winners feels there are better ways to reach their target audiences (distributor sales reps, growers and retailers) using print, video and social media tools that are much more available and affordable today than they were in 1997 when John Rader hosted the first Proven Winners trial at EuroAmerican Propagators.

Now the question is, how will other exhibitors react to the news? Will they view it like, “Hey, if PW can manage without doing Trials, maybe we can, too!” Or will they think, “One less competitor means folks can spend more time at our place!” One distribution company representative said he still needs to educate his sales force on the new Proven Winners varieties, so PW will have to deliver with these new tools. GT